Oval - Lingotto Fiere - Torino
November 9 - 11, 2012 
Solo show: Arturo Hernández Alcázar
galerie dukan hourdequin

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Unstable Balance 

To cancel, erase, blacken, accumulate, explode, circulate and displace is a sculptural strategy in the work of Hernández Alcázar to reflect the state of the systems of order that surround us and also as a chance to approach our understandings and imagination to other possibilities of chaos. 

Hernández Alcázar’s works are the resultant - always partial - of a dislocated, arrhythmic and constant process articulated in specific contexts as a critical device; it is an open and deliberated non-linear sequence. 

His pieces are temporary and unexpected alliances, perversions of meaning, deformation of materials and unstable constructions materialized in documents, drawings, photos, newspaper advertisements, sculptures, texts, installations, accumulations of material, objects, sculptures and actions. 

In all the cases, his pieces are remnants rescued from this series of open and uncertain processes set in motion since the disaster that, as predicted by G. Debord, already came upon us. 

The group of works presented in Artissima, more than objective resultants, are the collected rests of a collapsing system in the most precarious balance, samples of the stratification and sedimentations of capitalism.